$40,000+ Bitcoin, Medium Sized Marketwide Bull-Run | Change Vision

I will go straight to the point.

We will experience a bull-run of medium size.

The entire Cryptocurrency market will be affected. 

All areas, all crevices, all corners, all coins. 

The unaffected ones can be considered either bad or dead.

It will go for longer than expected.

Even though this has been in the making for a long while…

Even though it has been building up now for long…

It will be completely unexpected.

For us it is a bit different because we are on the inside.

We eat Cryptocurrency, sleep Cryptocurrency, discuss Cryptocurrency and breathe Cryptocurrency and so it is less surprising because everyday we are more than 100% involved but imagine someone looking from the outside, imagine someone that has a diet based on Television, a common job, YouTube, TikTok or whatever people use these days… Oh yes, the narrative, the news…

For them, it will be completely unexpected because the only thing real right now is the ongoing end of the world.

Ok back to the point… I was getting off track there pretty quickly.

What happened to Bitcoin $40K?

Great question, that’s the same question that I was asking myself recently as I sat meditating.

Nothing happened to Bitcoin 40K, it is simply in the process of getting there and everything is going just fine.

Now, we are not going to update this target, we will keep $42K as the peak while aiming for $40K but, a very important and strong BUT, the potential is higher, much higher… So we err favoring the bullish side.

We have to be real and the reality is that the stage is being set, all across for Bitcoin to go higher than anything we calculated months ago.

Closing the banks is bullish for Bitcoin.

Any and all types of attacks on the market is bullish for Bitcoin.

Anything that happens anywhere at anytime in anyway is bullish for Bitcoin but why?

Because Bitcoin is the rising star.

Bitcoin is the Internet when it was young.

It doesn’t matter what I say, it doesn’t matter what anybody says… Can you really stop the Internet just by being against it or negative about it?

Reality, nature… It never stops.

It is like an extremely large random number that is being stimulated and always continues to change.

That’s hard to visualize let’s go deeper…

Imagine a puzzle with 10 trillion pieces and each piece is just a tiny dot, a point and you can fit these pieces in any way you want or can.

The funny part is that it isn’t you that is building the puzzle, the puzzle is being stimulated by something that nobody can even grasp, nobody can understand, nobody can even think of because it is beyond the mind and if by any chance at any point in time the random self-evolving puzzle is completed it automatically gets shuffled and the process starts all over again.

That’s the nature of nature, that’s change.

Bitcoin is the next set of dots that are set to make a drawing in this puzzle.

Bitcoin is change.

Anything other than Bitcoin is the same and nature never stays the same… Adapt and you are already winning in this game.

It might sound like nonsense to you as you would need to “see” the vision in order to understand, it is hard to explain because what you get is kind of like a feeling, a knowing…

It is hard to put in words but I tried…

Eu te amo.





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