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Recently I shared a few articles explaining why I believe the Altcoins/Cryptocurrency market will continue with its growth.

I used the pairs FETUSDT, AGIXBTC and NKNBTC to share this explanation.

With FETUSDT we looked at the pattern most of the market is going through, how Bitcoin and the Altcoins vs Tether (ALTSUSDT) pairs are behaving. You can find the article here.

With the AGIXBTC pair we focused on the high growth already produced and how this type of action precedes a bull-market. I also explain how you can use this pair to predict what will happen to other Altcoins vs Bitcoin (ALTSBTC) pairs. You can find the article here.

Finally, with NKNBTC we focus on the fact that things can change fast and that a major bullish wave can happen out of the blue, by surprise… This Altcoin pair produced over 4,800% growth in less than a month. See it here.

This all leads to Stacks (STXBTC).

The initial breakout for this pair happened 18-February and we are now seeing additional growth.

Stacks (STXBTC) Daily Timeframe – Bullish Breakout

Few things to consider right off the bat:

  • Since early February, STXBTC has grown by more than 200%.
  • No correction has taken place but instead we see prices moving straight up.

Why is this important?

First, if we are looking at bear-market action, after a strong breakout you would immediately see a correction moving towards a lower low, as we can see happened back in March 2022.

Second, you wouldn’t have that much volume nor a very long accumulation phase before the breakout if this were bear-market action, it would really happen by surprise and it would be pretty hard to predict.

Seeing STXBTC moving to hit new highs after just a few days, tells you everything you need to know.

It is very important to know before-hand what the market will do because this is the only way to maximize profits, not selling to early, being able to hold.

Here is the trade signal I shared for Stacks vs Bitcoin (STXBTC) 15-February. I might have to update/add more targets but in this case I was looking only at the potential for the initial wave rather than the entire bull-market of which we are only seeing the start.

Stacks (STXBTC) Weekly Chart | Bullish Potential

Looking at the volume now, which is obviously high when compared to the bear-market period and accumulation phase, it is actually low when compared to June/July 2020 before the previous bull-market.

What we are seeing now is only the beginning of a very strong bullish phase.

When the next correction comes there won’t be new lows, it is likely that the lowest prices are already in the past, when the correction comes it will end in a higher low.

Higher lows lead to higher highs and that’s what we call a bullish phase, a bull-market, that’s what we call growth.

There will be corrections in the future and opportunities are endless with thousands and thousands of Altcoins to buy and hold.

The earlier one can realize what is happening, the higher the potential to maximize profits long-term on the way up.





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