Bullish Continuation = Bullish Confirmation Part 2 | MDTBTC

Let’s have a look at another Altcoin pair which we got early before the initial bullish breakout.

We will look at the bullish continuation to give further strength to our bullish case.

The pair is MDTBTC from the Measurable Data Token Altcoin and the chart is quite different compared to the previous one.

While in Part 1 of this article, the TRUBTC Altcoin pair came out of a falling wedge pattern, MDTBTC has been growing since August 2019 when a bottom was hit, notice the chart:

Measurable Data Token Long-term Channel | MDTBTC
  • Here we can see the initial low August 2019 and the succeeding higher lows as well as higher highs. We can also spot the volume signal explained in the previous article.

But we will zoom-in as only the more recent price action is relevant to strengthen our case.

Bullish Continuation | MDTBTC
  • From mid-January to February 2023 MDTBTC grew by 246%, closing the 3D candle at 283 sats. The current price action is already higher at 294 sats after a very small retrace.
  • MDTBTC is currently challenging resistance pushing higher which is a bullish continuation and works as confirmation that the bulls are definitely strong and only getting stronger.

This type of market action is one of the strongest signal we can find in support of long-term, sustained growth for the Altcoins market.

This wouldn’t be happening if we were set to hit new lows all across the board.

The main Altcoin pair on the Bitcoin side, ALTSBTC, is obviously AGIXBTC (Part 3) which gives away what the rest of the pairs will do and the news are good.

Just as it was a very painful bear market on the way down, it will be incredibly joyful and profitable on the way up.

What one does, the rest follows.

Patience is key.

Thanks a lot for your continued support.





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