Bullish Continuation = Bullish Confirmation Part 3 | AGIXBTC

With this one we will finish this series, I will keep it short as the chart is self-explanatory.

What one does, the rest follows.

We looked first at TRUBTC (Part 1) followed by MDTBTC (Part 2), but the Altcoin that moved first on the BTC side was AGIXBTC, here is the chart:

SingularityNET Token Grows by 1,850%, A Bullish Confirmation | AGIXBTC
  • This Altcoin hit a low in July 2022, just as did the rest of the market with some variations, give or take a month or two.
  • Every since hitting this low a new bullish trend started to develop.
  • We started to experience new highs and these new highs were followed by higher highs.
  • At each correction the low produced ended up being higher than the previous low; higher lows.
  • From July 2022 to early February 2023 AGIXBTC has grown by 1,850%.
  • Last week this pair produced its highest session close yet and somehow it looks like it wants to continue growing… No words!

We will let the market take care of the rest.

This type of action is only seem in bull markets.

The June/July 2022 capitulation low marks the bear market bottom for around 70% of the Cryptocurrency market.

Some pairs hit their lows earlier in May 2022, others were weaker and hit new lows in November 2022 and some even in January of this year but, with tens of thousands of Altcoins, it is normal to see all this variety.

  • The majority hit bottom and this bottom has now been confirmed.
  • The majority is now breaking bullish.
  • The majority is already at two and three digits of green.

A bullish continuation works as confirmation…

Confirmation of the bull market, a new bull market.





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