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Hello my fellow Cryptocurrency and Technical Analysis fan, we are going to be looking at multiple signals today with a single chart.

We will dive into some of the signals we look for repeatedly on charts in order to spot a bullish breakout and/or confirm a bullish move.

We will also give further strength to our bullish case based on the same chart.

As you already know, the charts are telling us that the Cryptocurrency bear market bottom is a thing of the past and thus we are set to experience long-term growth, a bull market.

By bull market I mean higher highs and higher lows, a long-term uptrend.

Let’s start with the chart. I am using the 3 days chart (3D) as I wanted to compress the candles a little bit but didn’t want to go full long-term as it happens with the weekly:

TrueFi Bullish Confirmation | TRUBTC

The most important part is the bullish confirmation.

Knowing that the Cryptocurrency market is set to grow for years into the future can help us prepare in order to maximize profits.

If we had no clue as to what is happening, we can sell too early not knowing how far up prices can go.

After years of bearish action, it is a common mistake and can only be avoided by going deep into the market and looking for confirmations such as what I am about to show you.

  • The action that happened from mid-January to mid-February 2023 is the most interesting part. We have a 392% bullish wave in the span of a month. Now, this type of action can happen in a bear market but right after the peak is hit a strong crash follows leading to lower lows.
  • Here, TRUBTC, consolidates for a few weeks and resumes growing with great momentum. So, a strong higher low matching perfectly the May/June 2022 support levels and then additional growth. This confirms bull market type of action.
  • Seeing this pair trading above its July 2021 low is also a very strong bullish signal.
  • In a bearish trend as can be seen on the left portion of this chart any upward move is short lived and leads to lower prices.
  • What we are currently seeing is green candle after green candle supported by really high volume and a solid chart structure that favors the bulls. This is pointing towards higher highs and this pair has the potential to double and even more than triple in the future. With Bitcoin also moving higher, since this is a BTC pair, the growth becomes exponential.

Now let’s look at the classic bullish signals:

  • After hitting a new All-Time Low (ATL), TRUBTC produced a strong bullish breakout supported by high volume and strong indicators.
  • The RSI is through the roof (not shown here).
  • The volume is off the chart as well, highest buying volume ever for this Altcoin trading pair.
  • The current price is trading above EMA100, MA200, EMA50, etc. This signal varies according to the timeframe being used. On a daily timeframe, above EMA10 we have the short-term potential going bullish. Above EMA50 mid-term potential activates and EMA100 confirms it (these are all my own interpretations based on years of using these indicators together with Cryptocurrency).
  • Once a pair trades daily above MA200 the long-term potential growth becomes possible and once above EMA300 this long-term potential is confirmed, again, these are my own interpretations and it evolves through the years.
  • If you use a 3 days chart as is the case here, then each signal counts as three times stronger compared to the daily. On a weekly chart, seven times stronger.
  • Seeing a pair moving above EMA10 weekly and staying above this indicator would be a major development favoring the bulls. On the other hand, if the pair trades below EMA10, daily or weekly, it signals that the bears/down/red have the upper hand.

The main point of this article is to show you the bullish confirmation.
(Short-term TRUBTC trade signal)

After a rise of 392% we have only a small retrace or 9 days of consolidation and another rise is taking place. This is the confirmation that the bulls have full control now of the market, of this pair.

What one does, the rest follows.

You can expect TRUBTC to continue growing as we saw with AGIXBTC (Part 3) and other Altcoins.

The good news?

This is only the beginning and we are set to experience growth for more than a year for those Altcoins that peak first… And for those that peak last, it is possible to have 2 full years of higher highs and higher lows.

Once the market hits bottom, the only place left to go is up.

Thanks for reading.

See you on the next one.





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