Change, Classic Signals, 800%+ Potential | ZRXBTC

Here is an altcoin pair that has been dropping forever and where the bullish cycles/waves were just upward corrective moves… Bad news can turn into good news.

The fact that 0x Protocol has been hitting lower lows ever since it was made available for trading, in this case since February 2018, means that it is now open for change.

We are looking at the ZRXBTC chart starting August 2020 and notice the multi-year long bear market continues in full force.

Recently a new All-Time Low has been hit on the 26-Dec. 2022 week, after 861 long days of bearish action.

Since the August 2020 peak price, we have a massive 89.13 percentage points decline (-89.13%).

While new lows are being hit on the ZRXBTC pair, the RSI has been hitting higher lows and thus we have the first strong bullish signal.

0x Protocol (ZRXBTC) Weekly RSI

A long-term bullish divergence between ZRXBTC and its weekly RSI.

Last’s weeks candle is a Doji that ended green and above EMA10.
Bears and bulls fought but the bulls won in the end.

One final signal is the falling wedge pattern, a classic signal with high accuracy and this time it favors the bulls and it is already starting to break.

Based on these and other signals not mentioned here, ZRXBTC is likely to enter a long-term bull-market where it prints higher highs and higher lows. This can last several years.

Initially we can see a 90% to 120% jump once volume and buying pressure comes in.

Mid to long-term, we have a nice 450% potential and even more, up to 800% if patience is great.

We have to see how this will develop.
The old altcoins have been sleeping and many did not participate in the inflationary bull-market-bubble of 2021, instead of new highs they hit lower highs.

The fact that these projects are still alive…
The fact that they are starting to awake and the charts are really strong…

This tells me of the possibility for a strong comeback, with 800% being just a small portion of the real growth we will experience with this and others.

Within the next 5-10 years we are going to experience something that happens only once in a century, it will be everything and more that we have been waiting and hoping for.

Permanent change in this reality.
Honesty, truth, accountability, freedom & love.





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