Change Patterns, Change Trend | Lido DAO (LDOUSDT)

Hello my dear aspiring technical analysts, I have a something interesting to show you, a signal that is completely different to what we have been looking at in the past.

When there is a change; a change in volume, in change in speed, a change in the behaviour of the market… Change in general, it always indicates that something different can/is about to take happen.

Here we will see how a change in patterns can lead to a bullish wave.

As usual… Let’s start with the chart:

Change In Patterns, Potential Change In Trend | LDOUSDT
  • In this chart we can clearly appreciate a change in the drawn patterns.
  • First, we have a very steep decline followed by a strong bounce.
  • The second correction is not as steep as the first one but also leads to a bounce yet within a lower high compared to the initial steep decline peak.
  • The final and third pattern is no longer a decline but looks more like sideways consolidation… This can tell us that there is a strong possibility of a break up.

Each time the bears lose strength and that’s why the corrections change from steep to flat.

This is a pretty simple one but can be looked at together with the moving averages, the RSI, the candlesticks, the broader market, etc. to a reach conclusion that is likely to hit with a high level of accuracy.





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