Cryptocurrency Will Grow 2024, New All-Time High 2025 | Bitcoin (BTCUSD)

Why worry about the short-term if you know that Bitcoin is going above $180,000 in less than 2.5 years?

In fact, $185,000 is likely to be the minimum as Bitcoin can grow even higher and move to $235,000 or even $265,000 in a blow off top in the year 2025.

Bitcoin Hits New All-Time High 2025, Bull Market 2024 | BTCUSD

There won’t be a higher high next cycle after the ATH, no “irregular top as we saw back in 2021.

We will have a regular top just like it happened back in December 2017, write this down if you are looking to short when the time comes.

If you are a bull selling for profits, also write this down because the dead cat bounce will go fast and be small, a classic/normal lower high.

This same year, 2023, Bitcoin is set to do some pretty nice numbers as well.

Something like $38,000 or $42,000 followed by a higher low correction and then slow and steady growth for many months, the longest consolidation phase you’ve seen in a long time.

So, why worry about what Bitcoin will do in this very short time when we are set for so much positive, so much growth, in the months and years ahead?

What would you do if you knew this information to be true?

What would you do if this was something already confirmed?

Would you worry about recent negative events or would you be preparing a plan to make the most of the coming wave?

How will you approach the massively good, strong, bullish year 2024?

What will you do in 2025, knowing before hand that it will be an amazing year but also the top?

What good does it do to have this information before it actually takes place?

Some mental gymnastics.

Some questions for your entertainment.


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