I Made A Mistake

It is easy to criticize others from the outside, from a third person perspective.

It is easy to see, read, mention and talk about the mistakes of others.

It is hard to recognize and accept our own mistakes.

The Cryptocurrency bear market sure did a number to many of us, and just as I was pointing out how people become conditioned by the market, I am guilty of doing same.

While I know and appreciate how good the cryptocurrency market can be, how surprising and unconventional Bitcoin’s price action can become, I made the huge mistake of underestimating the market because of the long duration of the bearish cycle.

As I continued to read the charts and remained certain that bitcoin and Cryptocurrency would recover 100%, I made the mistake of setting the targets too low, it happens every time, I became too conservative and ended up capping the targets for our leveraged trades.

I accept and learn from my mistake… This only happened with leverage because of the high risk and in all honesty, we are happy with 300%-500%.

All the spot trades are good, we are set and ready for the long-term.

I will be watching the market closely as usual and setup new entries, new trades once support is reached after the first correction takes place.

Welcome to my Cryptocurrency blog.

I would like to share here with you my thoughts.

I hope to have your support.





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