Leveraged Trade, Multiple Signals | LUNAUSDT (Luna)

Here we are looking at LUNAUSDT.

Luna 7X Leveraged Trade Daily Chart | LUNAUSDT

You know this pair went through a catastrophe and normally these tend to recover over the long-run.

We trade chart setups, Altcoins within the Cryptocurrency market, we do not discriminate based on names, colors or forms.

If the setup is good, has good potential with risk that is low, we are up for a trade.

We share enough trade signals so that everybody can choose whatever they like.

One project I might not like, but some other people like it.

Another project I love, but some other people think it is the worst…

And thus, we just focus on the chart.

We are active on this pair with 7X, full numbers here, below you can see my thinking.

Now, look at the chart above.

The higher low is basically the only signal that I needed together with the overall market action to consider a trade.

That’s truly what got me started.

  • The initial bullish break in January, Bitcoin and the rest of the Altcoins market already did.
  • The higher low in March, Bitcoin and the rest of the Altcoins market already did.
  • The next leg up, Bitcoin and some Altcoins already did… Which means that the rest can easily follow.

As I write this, I spot additional signals that are great but not necessary for my trading decision.

  • The bottom in March was doubly tested and comes up with a perfect -9 on the TD Sequential, always an extra and adds additional strength to our recovery signal.
  • We also got a Hammer and DragonFly doji on the candles producing the higher low.
  • The MACD and RSI both printed hidden bullish divergence and you can see the bullish cross on the MACD.
Luna’s Daily MACD Bullish Cross | LUNAUSDT
  • The bullish cross is circled green.
  • The hidden bullish divergence happens when we get a low followed by a lower low on the indicator while the main pair produced a higher low.
  • The grey trendline shows the low (Dec. 2022) vs the higher low (March 2023).

LUNAUSD Also moved above EMA10 recently.

Finally, you can see how this chart is supported by many bullish signals, no bearish signals present.

With such a strong chart, we can go for a leveraged trade.

Even with all these signals, we still have a stop-loss and plan before trading because the charts can always change.

This pair can change tomorrow and break down just as it can follow the market and move up.

But having this information increases your chances of success in the long-run.

I hope you enjoyed this article.

Thank you for coming back.

Thank you for reading.

And thanks a lot for your continued support.





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