Multi-Year Long Bull Market Ahead | STXUSDT

Trading is a lot about patience, planning, discipline, persistence and organization… But the right timing can help even a beginner to succeed.

If somehow you manage to get the right timing, the best timing, it can nullify many mistakes.

If you have experience, you already know the game and thus, buy and wait.

But if you are just getting started, many obstacles, many challenges, many situations will show up that can make you lose focus and lead to mistakes.

These mistakes can be life changing. Potential fortunes can be lost in a matter of days.

One of the biggest mistakes is selling too early, not holding long-enough, underestimating the market. With the right timing, you get so many opportunities that mistakes can be made but you have enough time to gain experience and do it right in the following wave.

If you can’t make it in the 1.5 to 2 years of bullish growth, you will have to live through a bear-market before another similar opportunity shows up.

The worst part, with thousands and thousands of Cryptocurrency pairs you can always choose some that do not grow.

To avoid these mistakes… Follow me calls.

Ok, let’s go back to Stacks. We will be looking at the STXUSDT pair on the weekly timeframe. Weekly we also call long-term as anything that is more than a few years old is long-term in Crypto, since Crypto is young.

Here is the chart:

Stacks Weekly Timeframe, New All-Time High (ATH) | STXUSDT

So let’s just give further strength to our bullish position.

First, notice the ultra-high volume.

This tells us that things are only getting started.

When you look at the 2020-2021 bullish wave volume compared to the now, you could say that this was Wave 1 while the bear-market in 2022 was Wave 2 and we are now entering Wave 3, which normally produces the strongest volume.

The RSI goes super high just as it happened in August 2020.

It becomes really strong in anticipation of a major bullish wave.

The MACD enters the bullish zone moving north for the first time ever, long-term with plenty of room left available for additional growth.

We have a long-term higher low, pretty clearly.

You can find this higher low comparing Nov. ’22 to March ’20.

All these signals combined and we can aim for a higher high next.

  • $4.74 is the potential… There can be more, it can be less…
  • $7.54 is also possible if the market goes really wild.

We have to wait and see but it takes time and this new high can happen in 2024 or early 2025.

We are extremely early even after 425% of growth.

People will be joining months for now, years from now…

By the time people start to buy, retail as many call them or the “masses”, we will be selling our coins.

That’s the great advantage of learning to read the charts, technical analysis.





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