The Long-Term Targets Series | IOSTBTC

Everybody is always looking for the long-term targets for any and all Cryptocurrency trading pairs.

I like to be of help and thus will start a series called “Long-Term Targets”.

Anywhere you find me on Social Media, that being TradingView, Twitter, Telegram or the comments section of this blog, you can request your favorite pair and ask for the “Long-Term Targets”.

I will do my best to extract some numbers for the long-term.

The first pair is for a trade that I just shared on Telegram, IOSTBTC.

The pair has been going down since May 2018 and just this week, two major downtrends are being broken.

This can open the door for long-term growth.

Here is the chart:

IOSTBTC Long-Term Targets
  • The targets can be found on the chart.
  • Potential goes from 156% to 730%.
  • Can be more on the long-term but it can’t be less.

You need to do your own research and prepare your own plan for trading, these numbers can be useful if you have experience.

Thank you for reading.





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