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I look at Cryptocurrency/Altcoins charts on a daily basis searching for opportunities to share with my supporters, as I do this I have to go use many teqniques, I will be sharing and explaining these just for you.

The date of when an article is published is completely irrelevant.

The information shared will be valid at all times and can help you learn how to read charts as well as to how to become successful when trading Crypto (mainly Altcoins but Bitcoin as well).

As I go through the charts many of the signals are bound to be repeated and this is good. Repetition is the mother of all learning.

As you read AltcoinsPedia, Alan Santana’s Cryptocurrency Blog, you can expect to learn without effort how to read charts, also known as technical analysis (TA).

You can expect to find great opportunities for trading within the Cryptocurrency markets.

You can expect to be inspired to remove all doubts within yourself and grow towards success and achieve your personal goals.

These are the main topics:

  • Learn about Technical Analysis and chart reading in general.
  • Find great money making opportunities.
  • Learn about different Altcoins projects.
  • Be motivated to grow.

You don’t need to do anything special, nothing specific to learn these skills, to learn how to use these tools.

Just reading on a daily basis will work and with time everything that I write about you will understand.

I can get into a topic, a certain set of signals, certain types of setups repeatedly and then suddenly it all changes and we are looking at something else and we continue to learn.

My specialty lies in spotting trend reversals, how to find the bottom, I find it is the best way to spot great trades.

If you buy a bottomed out Altcoin pair, you inevitable end up with very low risk and a high potential for reward.

I use candlestick reading techniques, Elliot Wave Theory, different types of American charting systems (indicators), Renko, chart patterns, market cycles, geopolitics, emotions, intuition, Astrology and more.

Be open to all tools.

Any single tool can’t be good or bad, it all depends on what use you give the tool.

Take money as an example.

Some people call money “good”, other people say money is “bad”. Money is neither good nor bad, it is a tool and how you use it will determine its value.

A knife is a better example… A knife can be used to kill just as it can be used to cook.

A knife can’t be good nor bad, it depends on you.

And so with technical analysis, chart reading, trading and personal growth, we have so many tools and is good to stay openminded, try them out and see what works.

Good or bad will be decided based on the results.

Welcome to AltcoinsPedia, my personal blog.




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